HELtours - real city, real people!


As a traveler you may only have couple of hours to explore Helsinki. Want to see the city through the windows of a tour bus, stuck in traffic and listen to a 2 hours lesson about Finnish history?

That is fine - we have done it too. We at HELtours want to give you an alternative. Cruising along with Finnish iconic jopo-bikes, gives you a great chance to feel the changing  athmospheres of our home town and it's neighborhoods around. 

Why not to take the possibility to have real conversation with a Helsinki born guide who is  always up to date about the latest news and intresting happenings in Helsinki. Most likely this might be  the best way to enjoy Helsinki-lifestyle timewise, fun and local style!



The team



Enthusiastic about Helsinki and up to date -guide who loves to give you an original picture how it is to live in he's home town nowadays. Two decades background from the top Hotels in Helsinki and sharing the secrets of he's home town to top business and leisure travellers.

Also worked as a Massage Therapist for international superstars and maybe beacause of that, Riku really loves that with bike it's possible the sense Helsinki in unbeatable way and feel the contrasts of changing atmospheres of different neighborhoods.

"When in Helsinki, you will feel left out if you do not hop on a bike! Book this tour and learn what it's like to travel and live in this beautiful capital city! You won't be seeing the sights you can walk to centered around the city center, but rather you will venture outside the tourist-clogged areas and see the sights that are a bit out of the way, but still worth seeing. Riku is a wonderful guide and has many stories to share from his various jobs in the hospitality and entertainment industries of Helsinki." Explorers from U.S. Chicago 2017


Legendary Helsinki born bike messenger who really knows every gobble stone in he's home town - Helsinki. Also worked as a nature respecting wilderness guide before.

When not rolling around Helsinki by bike Jari is a passionate Birdwatcher - travelling world wide.

"He is so pleasant to visit with, a wealth of knowledge, and funny too. It's great to see Helsinki alongside someone who knows and loves it like he does!" Explorer from U.S. Portland 2017

"As well as a city guide our guide was a wilderness and wildlife expert who pointed out   interesting birds and even rescued one while we were on the tour."  Explorers from New Zealand, Cristchurch 2016