HELtours - real city, real people!


As a traveler you may only have couple of hours to explore Helsinki. Want to see the city through the windows of a tour bus, stuck in traffic and listen to a 2 hour lecture about Finnish history?

That is fine and we have done it too, but we at HELtours want you to give you an alternative. Cruising along on legendary Jopo-bikes gives you a chance to see the the contrasts of the city and have real conversations with a local tour guide. 

There is a possibility to have a good conversation with a local guide who is  always up to date in information from their home town. Helsinki gives you a change to feel the Nordic breeze on your skin. When cruising with enjoyable speed on the streets of Helsinki to the secret corners of changing atmospheres you can find lots of interesting scenery from our home town.


The team


As original tour-guide who gives you a picture how it is to live in Helsinki nowadays. Where you can literally feel the contrasts of it, smell it, listen to it's urban vibes, touch it, a couple of steps further from the touristy side. I realized that it has to be a  bike tour. I have been privileged to meet thousands of Helsinki visitors in most interesting hotels since millennium. What I have learned "the more you meet different kind of people, the more you know yourself!
Let me explore Helsinki with you as I would enjoy it with my best friend.


With a long background as a legendary bike messenger at his home town

he knows every gobble stone in Helsinki. Besides being a passionate

about bikes from being a Bike messenger, Jari is also a Wilderness guide and a passionate Birdwatcher.


As a sharp and polite gentleman, Olli has an extensive guest service
experience working in luxurious hotels.

Olli has made his nest in Helsinki's most trendy area. He likes to fly around the world as a co-pilot when not showing his neighborhood to travelers.