HELtours - real city, real people!


As a traveler you may only have couple of hours to explore Helsinki. Want to see the city through the windows of a tour bus, stuck in traffic and listen to a 2 hours lesson about Finnish history?

That is fine - we have done it too. We at HELtours want to give you an alternative. Cruising along with Finnish iconic jopo-bikes, gives you a great chance to feel the changing  athmospheres of our home town and it's neighborhoods around. 

Why not to take the possibility to have real conversation with a Helsinki born guide who is  always up to date about the latest news and intresting happenings in Helsinki. Most likely this might be  the best way to enjoy Helsinki-lifestyle timewise, fun and local style!



The team


As original tour-guide who gives you a picture how it is to live in Helsinki nowadays. Where you can literally feel the contrasts of it, smell it, listen to it's urban vibes, touch it, a couple of steps further from the touristy side. I realized that it has to be a  bike tour. I have been privileged to meet thousands of Helsinki visitors in most interesting hotels since millennium. What I have learned "the more you meet different kind of people, the more you know yourself!
Let me explore Helsinki with you as I would enjoy it with my best friend.


With a long background as a legendary bike messenger at his home town

he knows every gobble stone in Helsinki. Besides being a passionate

about bikes from being a Bike messenger, Jari is also a Wilderness guide and a passionate Birdwatcher.