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Bike Tour 3 hrs 30min

Our Helsinki Lifestyle Tour has a carefully selected picturesque places together with a fascinating and a selected themes about

local lifestyle and stories only insiders know. 
We are confident to assure you that this is the best de-touristic insight into a local lifestyle, taking place in our hometown.

Helsinki born and raised guides, will show you our favourite places and share stories that only locals know - in good and in bad.

During enjoyable speeded and laid back bike tours we exchange thoughts about our everyday lives and how it feels to live in Finland today compared to the other countries. Originally this multiple award-winning tour was designed for a smart up-to-date talk's for a regular business visitors in Helsinki. Today praised by first time explorers and new Helsinkian's, we also have heard that it works great for a team building and fun inspirational tour for locals looking for a carbon-free authentic service. ​

Highlights include: 10% History, City Centre Highlights & must's,Variety of Architecture, Art Nouveau Gems of Helsinki,Talks About Finnish Lifestyle and Extreme Seasons,Locals Favourite (not the touristic) Marketplace* or our Favourite Hidden Cafe*, Finnish Food and Nature Vibes,Finlandia Hall & Slow Design,Locals Favourite Place, Education & Family Life. *self-payment

Rain? We are prepared, portable rain ponchos are provided and the urban adventure can be modified and visits to inside places like market hall's, cafes!

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